"Hello world !"

I think that this is the first post that is automatically created on a new wordpress blog. This isn't an automatically generated post, but this is what I want to tell you: "Hello world, a new star is born today" :)
Without false modesty, I hope this will be the place where you will find the most interesting tutorials on the internet  or, at least, the answers to your "how to do" questions, that will help you to go further into the sphere of knowledge.
And precisely for this reason, because I hope that every post that I will make on this website will bring a ray of light on somebody, I must tell you a little bit about "Hello world".
Usually, this two words "hello world" represents the result of one of the easiest computer program, meant to prove to the audience that it works.
This has became over the years traditional the first program that a student learn in a programming class. It is light enough for the apprentice, but it also provide a visual effect, designed to capture the attention.
so.. until we meet again .. "Goodbye world "

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