Windows7-logo-how to install windows 7Have you ever needed to test something in your computer that crashed your operating system (Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Linux .. etc ) ?

With virtualization, this problems doesn't exist anymore .. you can easely install, uninstall any software .. make networking configurations and many many others ..

There is almost no restrictions on what you cand do in a virtual enviroment..

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How to reset windows 7 and windows 8 admnistrator passwordLet's asume this:

You have a windows computer (like many others) and from various motives, you find yourself locked out without an administrator password..

There are a lot of services that helps you reset the password, there are many useful programs that can do the job .. but what if you don't have any of this ?

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How to get a free dynamic DNS - free accountHave you ever needed to access your home NAS (Network Attached Storage) or other resources from another location on the internet?

Let’s say that you are at a friend and you want to share with him the last video recorded by you on summer holidays that is saved on your storage, at home. What can you do?

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