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In this one, we will show you step by step how to install windows7 on a pc (no matter if it is a laptop or a desktop).
All you need a bootable DVD of win7 and of course, your pc and this full & detailed step by step guide.

Enjoy it !


Remember that you need to have a valid Windows® Licens. You can buy one right now from here

For the video tutorial, please activate the caption from the "CC" button of YouTube's video player and also, you can choose to play the video in HD (High Definition) for a better playback experience


Power up your pc and insert the windows 7 DVD into the optical drive (you must have at least a DVD reader).

On the first DOS screen (the first black screen that appears with memory checking and drives detection) you will have an option to select the proper boot device. Depending on your pc's manufacturer, you have an options to press a certain "F" key to select the boot menu. Usually you must hit the "F12", "F8" or "F6" key. After de boot menu appears, select the optical drive with the windows DVD and press enter.

A message on the screen promt you to "Press any key to boot from CD / DVD.."

Press any key to boot from CD or DVD - Windows setup screen

Quickly press any key in order to start the setup process. If you don't press a key within 5 seconds, the boot process skips the DVD and search for bootable data on Hard Disk and you must reboot your pc to repeat step 1

Note: If you select the proper boot device but you don't see this screen, there are 2 options: 1 - The DVD with windows 7 is not a bootable DVD or 2 - hardware problems with your optical drive.

The "Starting windows" screen appear.

Starting windows 7 screen - how to - tutorials

If you see the screen from above, you are on the right way. The next setup screen of windows 7 will promt you to choose your language, time and currency format and keyboard layout. You can choose whatever options suits you best.

choose language, time and curreny format or keyboard layout - windows 7 setup screen

Next, you must hit the "Install now" botton

Instll now - windows 7 installation screen

Now you have to read (optionally) the Windows 7 license and accept it (mandatory if you want to continue the installation process)

Windows 7 license terms - setup screen

The next screen will let you choose if you want to upgrade your system from another edition of windows or if you want to make a clean custom install. I recommend you if it's possible to make a clean install. If you have files that you don't want to loose on tht PC, you must save them first and then perform the windows instalation.

Custom instalation or system upgrade of windows 7 setup screen

I choose a "custom" installation. The following screengives you the options about hard disk partitioning. Here you can format existing partitions, you can delete any existing partitions and you cand create new ones from unallocated disk space.

For Windows 7, the primary partition (the one where you want to install windows - usually partition C:/ ) you must have at least 10 GB free space according to windows. But, if you want to work smothly, you must have at least 40GB space on it. Remember that every program that you will install will create some files on that partition regardless of the location you choose on the instalation options of that particular software.

Drive option screen - windows 7 instalationCreate or deete partitions in windows 7

Delete partitions on windows 7 instalationCreate partitions on windows 7 installation screen

After you create the first partition, windows will automatically create an additionally 100 MB partition. This is used by the system and must remain untouched.

100 MB Partition in windows 7


Next thing you will have to to is to select the partition where you want to install windows (usually drive C:\ ) and press the "Next" button. Windows will automatically format the partition using NTFS file system and wil begin copying files needed for installation from DVD.



All the information existent on the partitions you delete or format, will be lost. There are some recovery methods, but it's not guaranteed that you will recover whatever you lost. If you accidentally deleted or formated a partition with important data, STOP now and make research about data recovery !

Installing windows - copying windows files and expanding


During this setup procces 2 reboots will be performed. Windows install all the dependencies, the network (if you have a network compatible card) and the video adapter drivers. If the driver needed by the video card isn't found, a generic vga driver will be used for the rest of the setup process an you will have to install it manually from the vendor's CD.

After the second reboot, the installation is completed, the computer is prepared for the first use, the video performance is checked and you will finally get the following image, where you must choose a username and a name for your PC. You can choose any username and computer name, except the unsupported characters.

Type a username for windows and a computer name


For every username it is recomaded to have a strong password to prevent unauthorized access. If you choose a password on the next screen (you can also skip this step) you must provide a password hint to. Remember: the password hint must be just a hint for you to remember the password. Don't enter something that will reveal your password (Eg. Password hint: my birth date).

Create a password for users in windows 7 setup screen

If you want to activate your copy of windows (you can skip this step and activated later), on the next screen you will have to enter the serial number. This can be found on the back of your Windows DVD case that you whom you bought.


If you bought a windows DVD without the serial number and hologram, most likely you bought a counterfeited copy !


All you have to do next is to follow the instructions on the screen. You will have to set up your date, time, and time zone

Set date and time in windows 7

Set up your network location. This step may not occur if your network interface card was not recognized & installed by windows at this moment. In this case, you will have to instal the driver from the vendor's cd.

Set network location in windows

Remember that the security policies applied by windows depends on the location you choose. A public network will have more restriction than a home network.

This is the last step in windows installation. After this, you will get 2 more screens without any options and ... is done. You have finished installing your windows 7 on your pc.

Windows 7 first desktop after a clean install

I hope this was useful for you.

If you have any suggestions or critics for this useful tutorial, please feel free to give me feedback by e-mail or by filling in the form below.


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